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Business Bankers Hate the Volcker Rule. Now, It Could Be Watered Down.

Softening the rule, which prohibits banks from making speculative but profitable wagers, is part of the White House’s deregulatory push. More

US & Canada Mark Penn, the Former Clinton Aide, Dismisses the Mueller Investigation — and the Clintons Along With It

His criticism goes beyond just decrying the special counsel to describing the people around his former employers as unprincipled schemers the way the Republicans he once opposed used to do. More

US & Canada News Analysis: Trump Team’s Mueller Strategy: Limit the Investigation and Attack the Investigators

“They have now decided that they need to be more proactive, more aggressive and more anticipatory,” says Alan Dershowitz, the Harvard Law School professor emeritus. More

US & Canada News Analysis: By Demanding an Investigation, Trump Challenged a Constraint on His Power

The president escalated his campaign to undermine the Justice Department’s traditional independence from White House interference. More

US & Canada Trump’s Demands Escalate Pressure on Rosenstein to Preserve Justice Dept.’s Independence

Rod J. Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general, responded to the demand for an inquiry into the F.B.I.’s use of an informant by referring the request to the department’s inspector general. More

US & Canada Divisions Within Trump Team Undercut Quick Trade Victory With China

Ceaseless infighting and jockeying for influence on the White House’s trade team helped deprive Mr. Trump of a quick victory on his most cherished policy agenda. More

World US tightens Venezuela sanctions after Maduro wins 'sham' election

Venezuela faced growing international isolation and a deepening economic crisis Monday following President Nicolas Maduro's contested re-election as the United States tightened the screws on his... More

World Hospitalised Palestinian president Abbas 'has pneumonia'

Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas is suffering from pneumonia but his condition is improving, officials said late Monday. More

Science & Environment Microsoft acquires AI startup to make Cortana sound more human

Microsoft said it's acquiring artificial intelligence startup Semantic Machines to help its voice assistants and chatbots seem carry on more natural conversations with humans. More

Science & Environment Lyft is planning to launch an electric scooter-sharing system in San Francisco, report claims

Lyft is reportedly considering applying for an electric scooter permit in San Francisco. Three startups have electric scooters without permission in the city already. More

Entertainment & Arts Peter Kay's Car Share: Comedian doesn’t rule out hit comedy returning

The comedian has described his shock at the reaction to the end of the second series in an interview with Radio Times More

Entertainment & Arts Katie Price's rumoured beau Shane Duffy shared homophobic tweets

Katie Price's rumoured new flame Shane Duffy has come under fire for a series of historic homophobic tweets. More