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Australia Police find a kilogram of cocaine, white powder and $770,000 cash at homes in Sydney, Australia

Detectives investigating ice and cocaine in Sydney, New South Wales found one kilogram of cocaine, $770,000 of cash and white powder. Two men have been charged by police (pictured). More

Australia Playboy centerfold pushed son, 7, out of a 25th floor window before taking the plunge herself

The former Playboy model who jumped to her death from the 25th floor of a Manhattan hotel pushed her seven-year-old son out of the suite before taking her own life, police have said. More

Australia Lalor Melbourne siege: Knife-wielding man locked inside home

A siege is underway at a home in Melbourne's north, as police negotiate with a knife-wielding man who allegedly threatened to harm his family. The incident started at about 7.30am this morning. More

Australia SARAH VINE: Meghan Markle must pay heed to tradition

SARAH VINE: Less than 24 hours after saying her wedding vows, a biography of the Duchess of Sussex was put up on the royal website, underlining the selfless nature of her existence. More

Australia Toys R Us launch fire sale after company goes into administration

There has never been a better time to scoop up massive savings on children's products and toys in Australia with scooters for just $20, half-price Lego and $150 slashed off car seats. More

Australia Australian Taxation Office scam claims to rid huge debt

Mona Jafari thought she had received a call from the Australian Tax Office. She was convinced if she paid $3000 it would rid the debt and unfreeze her passport. More

Australia Elderly couple married for 61 years die just hours apart

A New Zealand couple who were married for over 60 years died just nine hours apart on the same day. More

Australia The simple shower decorating trick that could help you sleep better

Eucalyptus showers - where people hang fresh herbs from their shower - are up by 317 per cent in searches on Pinterest, and they not only look pretty but boast a whole host of health benefits. More

Australia Prisoners 'brawl with hand-made weapons' as guards use tear gas - but they insist it isn't a riot 

Details have been revealed of the events that took place at the South Coast Correctional Centre in Nowra, New South Wales on January 3. More than 100 inmates became defiant against guards. More

Australia Penny Wong accused of breaching security by taking Budget papers

Labor Senator Penny Wong is accused of taking confidential Treasury documents half an hour before they were allowed to be released in Canberra on Budget night. More

Australia Melbourne paramedic pens letter about being threatened with a knife

Stacey Heaney, a paramedic from Melbourne, told of being ambushed by knife-wielding attacker, and warned violence against emergency services workers is increasing More

Australia Steph Claire Smith is forced to defend a selfie of her 'pimples'

She's the Australian model and fitness coach known for her glowing complexion and incredible physique but Steph Claire Smith was criticised for her latest 'raw' selfie. More