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US & Canada Indian worker tells boss he can’t come to the office as he is the tenth incarnation of VISHNU 

Rameshchandra Fefar, an engineer from the Indian state of Gujarat, told his boss he was god incarnate after being questioned over his poor workplace attendance having worked 16 days in eight months. More

US & Canada First permanent immigrant to our solar system spotted by astronomers

The space rock (circled in yellow), spotted by researchers at the Nice Observatory in France, is the first known asteroid to have been captured from another star system. More

US & Canada Waiters reveal on Quora the tricks to encourage you to spend more

Serving staff have spoken out to say there are subtle ways they can influence customers to order more as they shared their inside knowledge on question-and-answer website Quora. More

US & Canada French surgeon rebuilds windpipes ravaged by cancer by using donor hearts

Professor Emmanuel Martinod, who works at Avicenne Hospital near Paris, uses aortas from donors to replace damaged sections of patients' tracheas, allowing them to breathe normally. More

US & Canada 16-year-old girl in India murdered after asking her boss for salary

Soni Kumari, 16, was strangled and butchered by her boss after demanding that he hand over her salary for a year's work as a domestic help in New Delhi, India. More

US & Canada Eerie video of suspected Texas high school gunman surfaces as officials reveal functional explosives

An eerie video of the suspected Texas high school shooter surfaced Sunday as authorities learned more about the explosives that were found inside the building and the teen’s home. More

Travel Frontier Airlines passenger arrested after peeing on seat in front of him during flight

A Frontier Airlines passenger was led away from his arrival gate in handcuffs on Thursday after passengers say he grabbed two women during the flight and then urinated on the seat directly in front... More

Technology US Navy starts building its 1st Flight III destroyer

The Navy has now started construction on a first-of-its-kind new surface warfare destroyer armed with improved weapons, advanced sensors and new radar 35-times more sensitive than most current... More

Technology Google drops 'don't be evil' motto

“Don’t be evil.”The three words that have been Google’s corporate slogan since its inception also encapsulate how many Silicon Valley companies see themselves—purveyors of what is right and... More

Technology TeenSafe leaks thousands of kid's email addresses and passwords

TeenSafe advertises itself as a service allowing parents to monitor what their children are doing on smartphones in order to keep them safe. More

Science & Environment NASA is launching a box of lasers to make the coldest spot in the universe

With an experiment launching to the International Space Station Monday (May 21), scientists will be able to create a temperature that's 10 billion times colder than the vacuum of space to focus in... More

Politics Trump touts China trade progress, says Obama and Dems 'did NOTHING'

President Trump touted progress in trade negotiations with China on Monday following criticism that Beijing might be getting the better of the administration. More