Australia NSW passenger pleads with motorbike hoon to stop speeding

Dashcam footage shows the motorbike speeding along a road on the New South Wales Central Coast as a panicked passenger begs him to stop. More

Australia Queensland family call in snake wranglers to grab python

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers were called out to a property in Buderim, Queensland to deal with the snake. More

Australia Sydney magistrate slammed over domestic abuse comments

Sydney Magistrate Michael Barko has been slammed for dismissing a alleged domestic assault perpetrated by Lanz Priestly as 'something that happens in every second house'. More

Australia Chief warns of killer robots used by 'unethical enemies'

The Chief of the Australian army has warned that 'artificially intelligent drones that can kill on their own will' used by 'unethical enemies' could pose a danger to the values of the Australian... More

Australia Driver makes it out of mangled car along beach in Perth

The Toyota Land Cruiser's roof was caved in from flipping on its way down, it snorkels mangled, and the front right wheel snapped right off its mounting in the crash on a beach north of Perth on... More

Australia Constance Hall shares footage of her secret forest wedding

The pregnant mother-of-four filmed her secretive nuptials to Denim Cooke and released a 39-minute video of the ceremony, which took place on January 7 in Gracetown, Western Australia. More

Australia Kristina Keneally to replace Sam Dastyari in the Senate

Former New South Wales premier Kristina Keneally has been confirmed to be the replacement to former Labor powerbroker Sam Dastyari in the Senate. She could take her seat as early as next week. More

Australia Kuwait couple on Sydney honeymoon survive Uber smash

A Kuwait couple on their honeymoon in Australia have survived a horrific crash after an 18-wheeler truck smashed into their Uber in Sydney. The truck driver continues to drive along the road. More

Australia Uber to pass on $1-per-ride taxi bailout tax to customers

The NSW Government has brought in a $1-per-ride surcharge for ridesharing companies to cover a $250million taxi bailout fund. Companies can absorb the tax or pass it on to customers.     More

Australia Father leaves five-year-old son inside car to play pokies

A father has pleaded guilty to leaving his son alone in the car on a 40 degree day The boy was found playing with a smartphone in the unlocked car with air-con on The 32-year-old man left... More

Australia French waiter spends £8,500 on lip fillers and botox

Cyril Roux, 32, from Toulon, France, has his lips injected with filler every two months - and has spent £3,500 on his pout alone. He has had over 20 procedures in the past 18 months. More

Australia World's oldest man dies at the age of 113 in Spain

Francisco Nunez Olivera passed away around 10.30pm on Monday night at his home in the village of Bienvenida in Badajoz, south-west Spain. More

Australia Colourful life of the Swedish royal family revealed

From a former air hostess to a 'wild child' prince with a love of fast cars, we reveal who's who in the House of Bernadotte as they prepare to welcome the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to Sweden. More

Australia Ron Medich faces a second trial for Michael McGurk murder

Ron Medich, 69, is facing a retrial for the September 3, 2009, contract killing of Michael McGurk, 45, who was shot in the head as he got out of his car outside his Sydney home with family's takeaway. More

Australia NSW father loses $40k prosthetic leg while jetskiing

Toby Bird, a fitness instructor from Newcastle, NSW, was zooming through Lake Macquarie when he hit a wave and noticed his $40,000 right leg had disappeared into the water. More

Australia Can we blame the rise of the mafia on LEMONS?

A new study argues that a rise in demand for lemons in the 19th century led to the emergence of the mafia in Sicily, Italy. The mafia protected lemon farmers from 'predation' and acted as middle men. More

Australia CCTV footage shows man swing baseball bat inside Myer

CCTV footage shows the man walking around the Sydney store brandishing the bat before he snaps and swings at a pair of shoppers. More

Australia UK 'will be worse off after leaving EU in any scenario'

Brexit minister Steve Baker told the House of Commons he had not even seen the draft paper until this morning, and it was incomplete. More

Australia Why the Fitbit's 10,000 steps a day isn't very effective

New BBC documentary The Truth About Getting Fit questions the effectiveness of the much-talked about 10,000 step target. Dr Michael Mosley says two minutes of HIIT a week could be better. More

Australia Wife and lover shared secret diary before husband's murder

A wife accused of murdering her husband kept secret diaries with her accomplice and lover prior to his death, where they revealed their forbidden love and wrote, 'I'm waiting for you.' More