Europe UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd resigns over immigration scandal

UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd stepped down Saturday because she "inadvertently misled" a government committee about quotas for removal of immigrants, Rudd said in a resignation letter obtained by CNN. More

Europe UK Phone Hacking Scandal Fast Facts

Check out CNN's UK Phone Hacking Scandal Fast Facts, which looks at journalists accused of bribing police to hack high profile individuals. More

Europe Thousands protest after men are cleared of rape in Spain's 'wolf pack' case

Tens of thousands of protesters returned to the streets of Pamplona in Spain on Saturday after men accused of the gang rape of an 18-year-old woman at the 2016 running of the bulls festival were... More

Europe Queen Elizabeth II Fast Facts

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Europe Prince William Fast Facts

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Europe Alfie's Army rallies behind his family and releases balloons in his honor

Supporters of terminally ill toddler Alfie Evans, who died early Saturday, released balloons in his honor and chanted his name in honor of the boy and his family. More

Europe Who's invited to Harry and Meghan's wedding?

An invitation to the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has to be one of the most coveted of the year. But so far, little has been revealed about who their 600 guests in Windsor will be. More

Europe UK intel: Russia tested nerve agent on door handles before Skripal attack

Russia has run programs investigating methods of delivering nerve agents, "including by application to door handles," according to intelligence made public by the UK. More

Europe Armenia protests: What happens next?

Days of mass demonstrations in Armenia's capital prompted the resignation of longstanding leader Serzh Sargsyan and could now lead to a change of government. More

Europe Angela Merkel: Trump's final hurdle before the weekend

There will be no state dinner. No military fanfare. No high fashion, high hats or high heels. But there is still a strong chance of an awkward handshake. More

Europe Europe Edition: Tariffs, Netanyahu, Ireland: Your Tuesday Briefing

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Europe French Museum Discovers More Than Half Its Collection Is Fake

The Terrus museum in the South of France collected what curators thought were the works of a local painter. But many of them are counterfeits. More

Europe Trilobites: How a Rose Blooms: Its Genome Reveals the Traits for Scent and Color

French researchers are completing a full map of the rose, pinpointing genes to edit for continuous blooming and its other signature features. More

Europe ‘Ink,’ a Tale of Rupert Murdoch’s Rise, Is Coming to Broadway

Another British import is coming, this one about an early chapter in Mr. Murdoch’s career. More

Europe Arctic farmer defies icy conditions to grow vegetables

On the icy Norwegian islands of Svalbard, located well above the Arctic Circle, the maximum temperature was just 13°C last year and the minimum temperature a frosty -24°C. For more than three... More

Europe Messi and Barca 'superior' in Spain

Barcelona may have suffered a shock exit at the hands of Roma in the Champions League but the Catalans have been unstoppable in La Liga. And they duly wrapped up the league crown Sunday thanks... More

Europe Sajid Javid replaces Amber Rudd who quit over deportation row

Sajid Javid has been appointed the UK's new Home Secretary following the shock resignation of Amber Rudd late on Sunday night in the wake of a growing scandal over the so-called "Windrush... More

Europe Italy's islands of mermaids

Italy's Naples and Ventotene battle for ownership of ancient myths of mermaids and sirens, but which destination was the real home of these strange creatures? More

Europe Opinion: Baby Alfie Evans case is straight out of a dystopia

Imagine the following scenario: You are a new parent and your baby -- less than a year old -- begins exhibiting worrisome symptoms, including cognitive delays and eventually seizures. You take him... More