Health Ingenious plan for paramedics to give out prescriptions is just what the doctor ordered

Initiative to train 700 paramedics to prescribe drugs may just be what's needed to help take the pressure of GPs who are drowning in appointments with members of an ageing population More

Health Trilobites: The Thing Inside Your Cells That Might Determine How Long You Live

You may have forgotten about the nucleolus since you took biology class, but scientists think this structure inside every cell in your body may play an important role in aging. More

Health Congo to begin vaccinating against Ebola after new cases in major city

Congo will begin administering an experimental Ebola vaccine Monday in Mbandaka, the northwestern city of 1.2 million where the deadly disease has infected some residents, Congo's health minister... More

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Amanda Smith, 46, says her hairpiece was a lifeline in a series of disappointments More

Health Woman diagnosed with severe “sun poisoning” after using sun lotion but being let down by sunglasses

Holly Barrington was on holiday in Tenerife when she had an ­inflammatory reaction More

Health Parents of two children who died of a cancer that 95% survive are suing doctor

Damian Creed and Salette Ruiz were both diagnosed with retinoblastoma aged two in Miami, Florida. Though 95 percent of sufferers survive, Damian and Salette died the same week in 2016. More

Health Anxiety weakens your bones by cutting vitamin D and boosting cortisol

For the first time, an Italian study has revealed a link between higher anxiety levels and greater risks of brittle, fragile bones in postmenopausal women who are at greater risks for osteoporosis. More

Health Colorado brain cancer patient, 4, hits home run during college baseball game

A 4-year-old fighting brain cancer hit a home run on Saturday, thanks to baseball players with the Air Force Academy and the University of New Mexico. More

Health Twins who were the first ever babies treated for a genetic disease in the WOMB are thriving

German twins Maarten and Linus are thriving two years after they became the first babies to ever receive a drug in the womb to correct a genetic defect that would keep them from sweating properly. More

Health Blogger shares how fitness has helped with her mental health and postpartum depression

Kelsey Wells, 28, shared an Instagram post showing her transformation from after giving birth to now, four years later. A doctor suggested she deal with her depression with fitness. More

Health Woman battling cervical cancer claims she was fobbed off by doctors because she was young

Tracey Burke, 30, from Dundee, was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2015 and is now seeking £90,000 private treatment in Germany because none of the NHS treatments worked. More

Health Toddler, two, was diagnosed with deadly eye cancer from a photograph

During a family trip to Tenerife in January 2017, a photographer snapped Presley, who was just seven months old at the time. The photographer, noticed Presley had one white eye in the picture. More

Health Diabetes testing kits are urgently recalled amid fears they give false readings

Dan Howarth, head of care at Diabetes UK, said inaccurate readings could mean patients over or under-dose with insulin, which can cause problems with hyper and hypoglycaemia. More

Health 'I'm getting my life back': Woman bullied for years because of acne swears by skin cream with silver

Rose MacIntosh, 25, from Hertfordshire, says her teenage years were miserable because she was bullied about her skin, but now her life has been turned around and she is happy and confident. More

Health Mother, 27, dreams of the day she hears her baby cry after he was born with hundreds of cysts

Victoria Silvestri, 27, from Florida, discovered her son Gavin suffered from cystic hygroma, which has left him with fluid-filled lumps in his cheeks, chin, lips and neck, during a 18-week scan. More

Health US regulators approve the first migraine-prevention drug that is set to transform headache treatment

Due to be available in the US within the next week, experts claim the injected medication, known as Aimovig, will 'change the way we treat migraines'. It works by blocking the protein CGRP. More

Health Sparkling Pool Water May Hold Disease-Causing Parasites

How soon would you swim after having diarrhea? 17 percent said one hour, but you’re supposed to wait two weeks. More

Health Ask Well: Can Lifestyle Changes Remove Plaques in Your Arteries?

Diet, smoking cessation, stress management and exercise can decrease the size of atherosclerotic plaques and help to stabilize them so that you are less likely to have a heart attack. More

Health Some cancer patients wait well over a year for treatment

Some cancer patients wait well over a year for treatment after being referred by their GP, with one enduring a 541-day delay (stock image). More