Health Steroids left Salt Lake City mom-of-three looking like a 'monster'

Lindsey Hughes, 30, from Salt Lake City, started using steroid creams at just five years old to treat her eczema, and was eventually prescribed a cocktail of high dose creams, inhalers and pills. More

Health Batangas student who battled cancer had to have her arm amputated

Joy Arcilla, 21, , from Batangas, Philippines, first noticed a tiny lump on her left bicep in October 2012, which she initially dismissed as a mosquito bite. She was diagnosed at just 16 years old. More

Health Two Ohio sisters were bullied over their Treacher Collins Syndrome

Asia Williams, 22, and India Walls, 20, were born with Treacher Collins Syndrome, which affects the bones in the face. The sisters, from Marion, Ohio, inherited the syndrome from their mother, Nicole. More

Health Fitness experts weigh in on the perfect temperature to work out in

Four fitness experts have argued the case for working out in extreme heat, extreme cold and a moderate temperature. More

Health Former model 'eaten alive' while in care of Georgia nursing home

Rebecca Zeni’s family said the former model suffered a terrible death after she was eaten alive by a scabies infestation while in the care of Shepherd Hills Nursing Home. More

Health Mom dies after battling rare rodent-borne virus for weeks

A New Mexico family is mourning the loss of a 27-year-old mother who had spent weeks fighting for her life after contracting a rare rodent-borne virus. More

Health Teacher who smells 'like a fish' due to rare disorder finds relief

A mother with an extremely rare condition that makes her smell like fish has finally found relief after years of being humiliated by the odor. More

Health More kids have autism, better diagnosis may be the reason

The government estimates that autism is becoming more common, but it's only a small increase and some experts think it can be largely explained by better diagnosing of minority children. More

Health Halsey announces she plans to freeze her eggs due to endometriosis

Halsey announced she plans to freeze her eggs due to her recent diagnosis of endometriosis. More

Health Hog farm's neighbors awarded $50M after suing over smells, spraying

Families who live near a hog farm in Bladen County, N.C., have been complaining for decades about bad smells, flies and excessive chemical spraying. More