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US & Canada Georgia teens accused of killing high school boy made a suicide pact

Dakota White and Brandon Warren are accused of of killing 18-year-old Sam Poss in October 2016 in Perry, Georgia. White confessed to police and was found guilty on Tuesday. More

US & Canada Ivanka Trump cuts a classic figure as she heads out to work

The first daughter, 36, left her home in Washington, D.C. around 8:40, dressed in a black sweater with three-quarter sleeves and a round neckline, paired with a high-waisted white skirt. More

US & Canada Man accused of defrauding Ne-Yo and Brian McKnight out of mllions in fake drink scam

Kevin Foster, who served as Ne-Yo's business manager, is accused of convincing the star to invest $2 million in a drink called OXYwater. Foster also pulled a similar theft on Brian McKnight. More

US & Canada Man falls to his death at a waterfall in an Illinois park

A coroner has said 22-year-old Charles D. Gill of Pittsburg, Illinois died Sunday after falling at the state's Ferne Clyffe State Park. He was taken to hospital but he was pronounced dead. More

US & Canada Visualization shows how Manhattan's population grows and shrinks

An incredible visualization shows how Manhattan's population grows and shrinks over the course of just one day. Manhattan's liveliest hour occurs after lunch around 2pm on Wednesdays. More

US & Canada Amherst College student 'murdered' in Mexico City made call to mum

Amherst student Andrew Dorogi called his mom Jonetta in Fairview Park, Ohio, from Mexico City, saying uniformed men he believed were cops were taking him to jail, hours before he was found dead. More

US & Canada Kentucky middle school student could be NFL's next big star

A Kentucky boy, 14, has been hailed as the future of the NFL because of his enormous physicality and strength. But Kiyaunta Goodwin, who is 6'7' and 370-pounds, is more interested in robotics. More

US & Canada Searching for changing seasons could be key to finding alien life

Finding alien life could become far more effective is we focus on planets with changing seasons, astronomers have concluded. More

US & Canada The hilarious moment a panda goes out on a limb at the National Zoo

A two-year-old giant panda named Bei Bei was caught on camera hanging from a tree at the National Zoo in Washington, DC, before the branch snaps under his weight and he plummets to the ground. More

US & Canada Body language experts reveal the key signs of someone liking you

The scientists, from the University of Dayton in Ohio, said that all 'attraction' behaviors are associated with developing trust and rapport between people. (Stock image) More

US & Canada Chinese boy solves three puzzles cubes in five minutes

Solving three Rubik's cube is hard enough to achieve. But a teenage boy in China can solve all three while juggling them in his hands. More

US & Canada What to know before saying 'yes' to an online wedding...

While many brides are still taking to the traditional bridal stores for their wedding gowns, many ladies are turning to the web for more options and deals. More

US & Canada Girl struck by car on Michigan bridge while holding mom's hand

Nevaeh Alston was struck while crossing a bridge in Grand Rapids, Michigan, at approximately 9.15pm. She was holding her mom's hand and was carrying fruit for the homeless. More

US & Canada Report finds multiple failures leading to Niger attack

The Pentagon said multiple failures are to blame for the Niger ambush that killed four last October, citing insufficient training and preparation and the decision to go after an ISIS insurgent. More

US & Canada A lack of adequate training and other deficiencies contributed to the October 2017 ambush, probe finds

A series of deficiencies, including a lack of adequate training, contributed to the October 4, 2017, ambush that resulted in a Green Beret-led team being outgunned and overrun in a remote part of... More

US & Canada US has hundreds of troops in Niger. Here's why

The killing of four American soldiers in Niger in October drew attention to the role of US troops in western Africa, where several terror networks roam freely. More

US & Canada Kaine says US troops killed in Niger were on unauthorized mission

Virginia Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine said Wednesday that "people will be held accountable" for unauthorized portions of a mission involving Americans soldiers in Niger, four of whom were later killed... More

US & Canada Kaine: Need accountability for Niger ambush

Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) speaks with CNN's Chris Cuomo about a classified briefing on the four US troops who were killed in an ambush in Niger last year. More

US & Canada Inside Niger's ambush zone, fear and questions remain

The convoy's progress is painstaking, the tracks it follows barely defined, at times though open terrain, at times through the thick wooded areas that worry the soldiers most. It makes ideal cover... More

US & Canada This Candidate Became The First Woman To Use Campaign Funds To Pay For A Babysitter

Courtesy of Liuba Grechen Shirley The Federal Election Commission on Thursday gave a female candidate running for Congress the green light to use portions of her campaign... More