About Trends Zone

About: Trends Zone

Trends Zone collects all new and recent news in one place categorized and displayed in easy and clear way to choose what you care about.

How do we arrange news in Trends Zone?

They are arranged By the date of each of them, so that recent news always be at the top of the page.

What is the selection criteria Corner "Top read now?"

Corner "Top read now" is the Corner readers summary determines its content. Where are arranged news in descending order according to the number of times browse the news of the site's visitors. This means that browsing visiting a particular news determines its location and its ranking in the "Top List read now."

What is the responsibility of Trends Zone about the news published?

Trends Zone is only a digital place for classification of published news, and each of the news main sources are responsible for news they are publishing. 

Trends Zone is to re-publish the news summary with a direct link to the source.

Abandon Trends Zone full responsibility for the content of any news and it is the responsibility of the original publisher of the news