UK 'The most beautiful electric car in the world': Incredible story behind Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's E-type Jaguar they drove away in

The newlyweds set off for Frogmore House in the blue E-type Jaguar Concept Zero to celebrate at their lavish evening bash More

US & Canada Dramatic moment lightning strikes a home during electrical storm in Florida 

Lightning struck a Daytona Beach home during a thunder storm on Tuesday and the vicious hit was caught on the security camera of a home across the street. More

US & Canada Prince Harry takes his new wife Meghan Markle out for a spin in electric Jaguar

Prince Harry took his wife Meghan Markle out for a spin in a Jaguar that was hailed as 'the most beautiful electric car in the world' this evening as they went to their reception at Frogmore House More

Australia Man caught on camera riding in a busy Melbourne tunnel on an electric bicycle

A video has emerged of a cyclist bringing traffic to a virtual standstill in a traffic tunnel as they ride an electric bike on the busy road in Melbourne. More

Business How to switch your energy supplier for a better deal on gas and electricity - a step by step guide

You can save hundreds of pounds by switching energy providers to a cheap deal - with most families able to make big savings - here's how to do it More

US & Canada Bitcoin could consume more electricity than Austria before end of 2018

In a paper published to the journal Joule, a financial economist says Bitcoin's electric energy consumption could sooon reach 'shocking' levels. It currently uses almost as much energy as Ireland. More

Europe Tech We’re Using: What Improved Tech Means for Electric, Self-Driving and Flying Cars

Jack Ewing, who covers autos and economics for The Times, says a “Jetsons”-like future is still far off, even as cars become even more computerized. More

World Man dies when his Tesla electric car hits barrier and explodes into flames in Swiss motorway tragedy

WARNING: UPSETTING IMAGE Firefighters have suggested the impact of the horror crash in the southern canton of Ticino may have set off a fire in the vehicle's battery More

Celebrity Tom Wolfe dead: Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test author has died aged 87

He died in hospital on Monday his agent confirmed - he was earlier diagnosed with an infection More

US & Canada New study says we'll be less stressed when we're driving electric cars

After monitoring the mental activity of taxi drivers, the measurements suggested that the quieter driving environment of the latter had a more positive effect on the well-being of the cabby. More

Health Electric chair that zaps your pelvic floor back into shape in 30 mins

Millions of British women suffering the embarrassment of bladder-control problems could be offered hope – thanks to half an hour in an electric chair. More

US & Canada Tesla electric car battery reignited in a warehouse after crash

The Model X's high-voltage lithium-ion battery was removed from the smouldering in Mountain View, California, on March 23 but continued to overheat for days afterwards. More

Business Npower hikes energy bills for 1 million customers - adding 4.4% to gas and 6.2% to electricity prices

The energy giant is increase the cost of gas and electricity for a million people in the latest move to up prices by a Big Six firm More

Lifestyle UPS to deliver boxes in boxy new electric vans

UPS is getting a delivery of trucks that look something like the boxes it delivers. More

Business Hundreds of people injured or killed because they tried to save a few quid - the dangers of unregistered electricians

Penny pinching resulted in 2,000 fires last year alone - and all for a saving of about £50 More

Top Stories Italy's electric highway is the answer to driver's 'range anxiety'

For a country known for its lavish and upmarket cars, from Lamborghini to Ferrari, and Maserati, it might come as a surprise the culture in Italy is shifting towards electrification. More

Business Road safety group dubs electric cars a 'stealthy menace' that put vulnerable road users at risk

The EU will introduce new rules that will demand that all manufacturers add low-speed alerting sounders to their new electric powered vehicles from 2019. But Steer Safe wants it to be sooner. More

Travel Allegiant Air flight makes emergency landing after crew notices 'electrical smell'

The pilot made the emergency landing into Asheville Regional Airport at 4:15 pm. More

Top Stories Skype founder pioneers electric racing yacht

He founded Skype and is a key figurehead in the tech sector, but now Swedish billionaire Niklas Zennstrom is pioneering electric propulsion systems in racing yachts. More