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Thyroid gland is a butterfly shaped gland in front of the neck, wrapped around the windpipe, an apt position for an organ, which holds immense importance when it comes to regulating the metabolism.... More

Health Graphic, cigarette-style warnings of 'rotting teeth' should be put on fizzy drink cans, say experts

Sugary drinks are a major contributor to the UK’s obesity epidemic and policy makers are looking at ways to cut the amount consumed More

Science & Environment Champions League final stream could be under threat from ‘sophisticated’ malware strain, say experts

Coverage of the Champions League final could be disrupted by a ‘sophisticated’ new strain of malware, which has infected half a million routers worldwide, security experts have warned. More

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US & Canada Younger Women Are Now Getting Lung Cancer More Than Men And Experts Aren't Sure Why

Younger Women Are Now Getting Lung Cancer More Than Men And Experts Aren't Sure Why View Entire Post › More

World Aviation expert slams claims MH370 pilot purposefully tried to land in ocean as she sheds light on Malaysia Airlines mystery

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US & Canada Younger Women Are Now Getting More Lung Cancer Than Men And Experts Aren't Sure Why

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US & Canada California Today: California Today: Experts on Fire Season 2018 Discuss the ‘New Normal’

Wednesday: A battle for second place in the governor’s race, a death in Yosemite and Golden State comes up short. More

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Sources of water are over stretched due to climate change and a growing population, warn the Environment Agency More