US & Canada Boy, 9, finds gun and shoots 8-year-old cousin

Police in Akron, Ohio, say the two boys were playing video games early Sunday morning when the older boy picked up the gun, pointed it at his younger relative and pulled the trigger. More

US & Canada Trying cannabis by 15 doubles the risks of an addiction, study finds

Students who tried marijuana before age 15 were twice as likely to develop an addiction to any drug than peers who waited until 17 to try a toke, a new University of Montreal study has found. More

Technology The kids are too clean! Landmark study finds germ-free environment in first year can CAUSE Leukaemia

Overly sterile environments devoid of bacteria for infants can trigger childhood leukaemia, according to leading experts More

US & Canada Eating a Mediterranean diet may offset the damage of air pollution, new study finds

Researchers from New York University studied 548,699 adults across America over 17 years. Those who ate more fruit, veg and whole grains were five times less likely to die pollution-related deaths. More

Health People with large waistlines have lower levels of vitamin D, study finds

Researchers from the VU University, Amsterdam, found obese people who carry excess fat around their midriffs have lower vitamin D levels. Liver fat is associated with low vitamin D in obese men. More

UK 'I went nuts - they knew I was willing to pay!' Stray dog put down after rescuer finds loving new home

GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: The animal lover who left the stray dog she rescued with Antrim and Newtownabbey Council says she would have paid his vet bills More

Top Stories Couple finds buried treasure in backyard

A New York couple came across a safe containing cash, gold and jewelry buried in their backyard, but what they did next is truly remarkable. More

US & Canada Almost half of women REGRET freezing their eggs to focus on career, study finds

The researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, admit they were somewhat stumped by the results, which came from surveying all of their thousands patients between 2012 and 2016. More

Travel Americans don't know how to 'unplug' on vacation, study finds

Many Americans admit to checking their phones 80 times a day while on vacation, with some checking their devices more than 300 times each day, according to new research. More

Australia Arizona soldier finds out his wife gave away their newborn after saying it died

Sgt Steven Garcia, 24, was devastated when he was told that his baby had died. But his wife Marina Garcia, 31, actually gave the child to longtime friends who lived in Texas. More

Top Stories Couple finds safe full of cash, gold and jewelry buried in yard

For years Matthew and Maria Colonna Emmanuel thought a piece of rusty metal behind some trees in their backyard was just part of a cable or electrical box. More

Entertainment & Arts Review: In ‘Saving Brinton,’ an Inveterate Accumulator Finds Treasure

This documentary explores the world of Michael Zahs, a collector who locates a home — other than his — for his enormous trove of memorabilia. More

Australia Coles shopper finds endcaps stocked with Coke, chocolate and chips

Australian fitness nutritionist Jessica Lowe captured her findings on film on Thursday and shared the evidence with friends on social media. More

Australia Philadelphia kindergartner finds crack cocaine in classmate's backpack

A six-year-old girl was caught chewing on a bag of crack cocaine at a Philadelphia charter school on Wednesday. It was confiscated before the child broke the packet's seal. More

US & Canada US jury finds Oregon man guilty of abusing Cambodian...

Daniel Stephen Johnson, 40, was convicted on multiple sex abuse charges in Eugene, Oregon court on Wednesday. More

Science & Environment Moon dust could give astronauts permanent DNA damage, study finds

In space, they say, no one can hear you sneeze. But Apollo 17 astronaut Harrison Schmitt was doing a lot of that inside the Challenger command module when he visited the moon in 1972. More

Entertainment & Arts Review: ‘Dark Crimes’ Finds Jim Carrey as a Brooding Cop

The movie, loosely based on a real murder case, is set in Poland as the police seek a killer whose crimes seemed to be detailed in a novel. More

Australia Second-hand book collector reveals the incredible finds he makes

A Victoria man who enjoys collecting second-hand books says he's discovered money, stamps, love letters and photographs tucked away in printed works. More

Australia English expat finds a mistake in an Australian citizenship test question

A British woman sitting the Australian citizenship said she was stumped after she stumbled upon a question about the country's population size. More

US & Canada 94 Percent of U.S. Teachers Spend Their Own Money on School Supplies, Survey Finds

On average, teachers who reported using their own money for the classroom spent $479 each during the school year, according to a Department of Education survey. More