Technology Mysterious backwards-flying asteroid is first 'interstellar immigrant' to be captured from another solar system

The asteroid, which was identified by researchers led by the Observatoire de la Côte d’Azur, currently sits in Jupiter’s orbit, and has been named (514107) 2015... More

Travel Airline seats with extendable headrests aim to make flying more bearable for tall people

London-based PearsonLloyd has revealed a concept design for long haul economy cabins that aim to make flying in cramped spaces more comfortable for those who are tall. More

UK Heathrow jet gives royal wedding police helicopter cameraman shock of his life by flying beneath him and over crowds

The amazing footage caught the plane as it few directly under the National Police Air Service's (NPAS) chopper in Windsor on Saturday morning More

Sports Tevita Nabura sees red after flying Kung Fu kick to opponent's face during Highlanders clash

The Fijian was issued his marching orders just 17 minutes into his side's Super Rugby clash against Waratahs More

Travel Planes stopped from flying over Windsor Castle

UK flight control authorities prevent flying over Windsor Castle to ensure Meghan Markle's arrival isn't disturbed by airplane traffic at nearby Heathrow Airport. More

Top Stories Planes prevented from flying over Windsor Castle for royal wedding

UK flight control authorities prevent flying over Windsor Castle to ensure Meghan Markle's arrival isn't disturbed by airplane traffic at nearby Heathrow Airport. More

Sports Flying With the Enemy: The Warriors Give the Rockets’ Daryl Morey a Lift

The Houston general manager was invited to join the Warriors’ contingent on a private plane to the N.B.A. combine soon after Game 2 of the Western Conference finals between the two teams. More

Business New children’s clothing and toy shop launched by the man who brought  Flying Tiger to the UK

Philip Bier has opened ID Kids in a shopping centre in Wandsworth, otherwise known as ‘Nappy Valley’ because of its popularity with new parents. More

Food Flying solo? Four single-serve midweek dinner recipes for when you're cooking for one

When I was single, I usually cooked enough food for at least two meals – dinner one night and leftovers the next. It was easier that way, and more economical. Also, I'm lazy, and getting more than... More

Travel Fascinating brochures and maps reveal the golden age of flying with Imperial Airways

The legendary British airline, formed in 1924, was a pioneer of long-distance commercial travel and these brochures, maps and posters show how they catered for the rich and famous. More

Travel Yacht deckhands reveal the strangest requests they've had from high-flying clients 

The crew members spoke out to mark Bravo TV's season three of Below Deck Mediterranean, a reality show charting working life on a super yacht sailing around the Amalfi coast in Italy. More

UK Loud bangs 'sounding like gunshots' and low-flying helicopters terrify residents in late-night military exercise

People said they were "shaken" after hearing several loud explosions in Mortlake, south west London tonight More

Europe Tech We’re Using: What Improved Tech Means for Electric, Self-Driving and Flying Cars

Jack Ewing, who covers autos and economics for The Times, says a “Jetsons”-like future is still far off, even as cars become even more computerized. More

Science & Environment The world’s lightest wireless flying machine lifts off

DRONES are getting ever smaller. The latest is the first insect-sized robot to take to the air without a tether delivering its power. To get their device aloft, Sawyer Fuller of the... More

Travel American Airlines change emotional support animal policy, barring goats and hedgehogs from flying

Hedgehogs, goats and amphibians are just some of the creatures that will no longer be able to fly with American Airlines, as the carrier announced new guidelines that restricts what passengers can... More

Celebrity Plate sent flying at Chloe Sims’ face after cake prank sparks fisticuffs at TOWIE's riotous royal party

The Essex bash to mark Prince Harry’s wedding fell into chaos as 35-year-old Chloe’s ex, Dean Ralph, 28, shoved a cake at Jordan Wright, 25 More

US & Canada US Army reveals it is teaming up with Uber to work on 'silent and efficient' flying taxis

Uber and the US Army have signed an agreement to create the first usable stacked co-rotating propellers, with two rotor systems – one on top of the other – moving in the same direction. More

UK Meghan Markle's dad buys flowers for ex-wife and picks up KFC and McDonald's before flying to UK for royal wedding

Thomas Markle, 73, shopped for fast food and floral gifts on a day of errands in LA before heading to London to give his daughter away to Prince Harry More

Australia Pick-up truck ploughs into highway dividing wall and sends two lamp posts flying

Shocking footage shows a pick-up truck plough into the dividing wall on a highway, uprooting two lamp posts and sending them smashing into the path of traffic on Interstate 43 in Wisconsin. More

Business DAILY BRIEFING: Uber reveals designs for a 'sky port' for flying taxis

The taxi firm is planning to launch Uberair by 2023 in several American cities, and has teamed up with the aerospace company Karem Aircraft to make the vehicles. More