US & Canada House of horrors parents appear in court as dad of 13 pleads not guilty perjury

David Turpin entered the pleas Friday in a Riverside courtroom to eight counts of perjury. His wife Louise pleaded not guilty to three charges of false imprisonment and one of assault. More

Real Life Terrifying true story of Beast of Jersey who outwitted police in 14-year reign of rape before accidental capture revealed his house of horrors

New film Beast, starring Jessie Buckey and Johnny Flynn, is set in Jersey where director Michael Pearce grew up amid tales of Edward Paisnel,  a mask-wearing sex attacker who worshipped... More

US & Canada The REAL 1984! A new book reveals the horrors of North Korea

The country has long tried to hide the terrible realities of life under the Kim dynasty, but David John’s new novel, a timely political thriller, Star Of The North, strips them bare More

Australia Sister of House of Horrors mother claims their own mom let a 'rich paedophile abuse them

Teresa Robinette, 37, said her mother Phyllis Robinette effectively 'sold' her and Louise Turpin to a wealthy pedophile to be repeatedly raped, decades before Turpin abused 12 of her own children. More

US & Canada Michelle Knight continues to recover from Cleveland House of Horrors

Michelle Knight, one of three women held captive in Ariel Castro's Cleveland House of Horrors, has opened up about the struggles she continues to face five years after being freed. More

US & Canada 'House of Horrors' dad gets 8 perjury charges added

David Turpin, the Southern California father accused of torturing his 13 children, faces eight new charges, all alleging perjury, authorities said. More

US & Canada House of Horrors couple now face 50 charges including eight new counts of perjury

Riverside District Attorney filed eight new charges of perjury against Mr Turpin Friday. The couple has yet to enter a plea over the new accusations. More