France «Dégrader l'image de Macron, quitte à perdre en crédibilité»: la note de Damien Philippot pour Marine Le Pen avant le débat

BuzzFeed publie deux notes préparées pour Marine Le Pen quelques heures avant le débat de l'entre-deux-tours. La première, de Damien Philippot, lui conseille d'attaquer Macron par tous les moyens... More

Business Macron in Davos: French president pleads for more ambitious Europe

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France 'France is back': Macron touts France, in English, before Davos elite

French President Emmanuel Macron told the world's business elite in Davos on Wednesday that France was back as a European powerhouse under his reformist government. More

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US & Canada Macron’s security jokingly calls him ‘bastard’ and ‘idiot’

One of Macron's bodyguards engaged in banter with the French President in front of school children in the city of Clermond-Ferrance on January 26. More

US & Canada Member of President Macron’s government accused of rape

Budget Minister Gerald Darmanin, 35, is said to have attacked former call girl Sophie Spatz, 46, a decade ago while he was working as a legal advisor. He is a senior member of the French government. More

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