US & Canada Students of Texas school shooting have moving baccalaureate graduation service two days after attack

The students from Santa Fe High School, where 10 people were killed in a school shooting Friday, had their baccalaureate services moved from the school to a church Sunday. More

US & Canada Faster-moving Hawaii lava gushes into sea, creates new danger

A volcano that is exploding on Hawaii's Big Island has gotten more hazardous, sending rivers of molten rock pouring into the ocean Sunday and launching lava skyward. More

US & Canada States Are Moving to Limit, or Ban, Marriages of Children

Concerns about sex trafficking and forced marriages are behind moves to raise minimum ages to wed, but they may run up against religious objections. More

US & Canada Woman saves a choking pelican's life in Florida by removing fish

Biological scientist Charlotte Marin, 35, who had been working in the area, witnessed the pelican in clear distress called an animal rescue volunteer to help the choking animal. More

US & Canada Tourists see moving shadow in the middle of Kanas Lake in China

A stunned tourist has posted footage of an apparent sighting of the Kanas Lake monster in China. A dark shadow can be seen moving under the water with waves following behind. More

US & Canada 'Black folks need to stay out of white churches': Pastor hits out at church moving into urban area

Pastor Michael Jordan posted a sign outside his church, reading, 'black folks need to stay out of white churches' in response to a white megachurch moving into the area. More

Business 'We'll give you £100 for moving to NatWest' - the new deal in detail

NatWest is offering people £100 (and no fees for use abroad this summer) if you move to them - so how does it work and what's the catch? More

Australia Australia's suburban exorcists removing demons from people they believe became possessed by Satan

Exorcists are conducting suburban rituals in Australia to cast out demons from people they believe are possessed by Satan, and they blame yoga, Harry Potter, tarot cards and masturbation. More

Middle East Newsbook: 3 Books to Help You Understand Why Moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem Prompted Protests

The decades-long Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been well-documented in literature. More

US & Canada Chinese schoolgirl writes her homework on top of a fast-moving taxi driven by her father 

Apparently, the driver is the student's father and the girl reportedly climbed out of the taxi window out of mischief in central China. The cabbie's licence has since been suspended. More

Sports Arsenal lost a "special spirit" moving from Highbury to the Emirates admits Arsene Wenger before his final match

Boss won three league titles playing at Gunners' traditional home but none since 2006 switch to their new stadium More

Europe The Risk of Moving Artworks: A Broken Finger and Public Outcry

A finger broke off a 17th-century statue by Gian Lorenzo Bernini after it was lent for a show. Restorers fixed it, but it will never be whole again. More

Australia Far-right activist who called Sam Dastyari a 'terrorist' is fined $10,000 for not removing the video

Neil Erikson was fined $10,000 for featuring his employer, Toll Group, in a video that showed him ambushing Sam Dastyari in a pub in Footscray, Melbourne. Toll is suing Erikson. More

Top Stories Daniel B. Shapiro: Moving US embassy to Jerusalem could help end conflict

As the United States prepares to formally transfer its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, lots of concern has been expressed about the decision and its impact on prospects for peace. More

Australia The time-saving ironing gizmo that will cut your wrinkle-removing time in half

From setting up a clumsy ironing board to pressing out wrinkles until your arms are sore, ironing can be a draining household chore- but this simple hack slashes ironing time. More

US & Canada Surfing couple convert a truck into a moving hotel so they can offer guests the best beach spots

Portuguese surfers Daniela Carneiro and Eduardo Ribeiro got their hands on a Mercedes Benz truck and modified it so that it expands into a double storey structure while stopped. More

UK Toddler 'suffers head injuries after car seat tumbles out door of moving vehicle' onto busy road

Eyewitnesses reported seeing the car seat fall out of the vehicle before a passing fire crew stopped to close the road More

US & Canada Mother gang-raped in moving car after her son, 3, is thrown from vehicle in India

The 26-year-old victim was subjected to the attack on the Delhi-Dehradun highway in the Indian state of Uttar Predesh. More

Entertainment & Arts Adam Rippon's beau is moving from Finland to L.A. to be with him

Adam Rippon's sport may be icy, but his relationship with his new boyfriend couldn't be hotter! More

Entertainment & Arts DWTS: Ice skater Adam Rippon's beau is moving from Finland to L.A. to be with him

Adam Rippon's sport may be icy, but his relationship with his new boyfriend couldn't be hotter! More