US & Canada Mysterious wolf-like creature shot on a ranch in Montana could be a wolf-dog hybrid

The animal, which was shot within several hundred metres of the rancher's livestock in Montana, has long greyish fur, an extended snout and a large head like a wolf. More

US & Canada Mysterious cracks have begun appearing in camera lenses of Apple's 'luxury' £999 iPhone X

Examples of apparently spontaneous splits appearing in the cameras' lenses have been reported by Apple's global customer base via the company's communities forum. More

Science & Environment Mysterious medium-size black holes may lurk at the centers of small galaxies

The hearts of small galaxies may hide a mysterious kind of black hole that has long proved elusive: medium-size black holes with masses between the mass of a few suns and that of millions of suns,... More

Science & Environment This mysterious, deep-sea jellyfish looks like the ghost of an alien

A beach-ball-size jellyfish that looks like a cross between an alien ghost and a pinkish cosmetic bag was captured in a rare video taken by a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) in the inky depths of... More

World Pompeo Says Mysterious Sickness Among Diplomats in Cuba Has Spread to China

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Wednesday that diplomats stationed in Guangzhou, China, suffered same ills as those attacked in Havana. More

Technology Mysterious space rock adds evidence for a 'Planet Nine' in our solar system, scientists claim

The space rock, dubbed 2015 BP519, was discovered by researchers led by the University of Michigan More

UK "I had to do a double take": Schoolgirl, 8, captures mysterious footage of 'Loch Ness Monster'

Little Laria Annand was visiting the loch with her grandmother Marie, when they noticed strange movement in the water and the light bouncing off a long unidentified object More

Science & Environment Mysterious 'Planet Nine' gets more evidence from weird space rock

The solar system just got a bit stranger. As astronomers continue their ongoing quest to find the elusive Planet Nine, a team found a space rock that lends credence to the idea that a huge... More

Technology Mysterious backwards-flying asteroid is first 'interstellar immigrant' to be captured from another solar system

The asteroid, which was identified by researchers led by the Observatoire de la Côte d’Azur, currently sits in Jupiter’s orbit, and has been named (514107) 2015... More

US & Canada Student, 21, dies mysteriously at a campsite during a fraternity retreat 

A University of Oregon student has been found dead near a lake in Northern California during an annual fraternity event. Dylan Pietrs, 21, of Denver was a sophomore at the school. More

Australia Locals call for a crackdown after Melbourne creek is filled with mysterious foamy pollution 

In surreal footage captured by the the First Friends of Dandenong Creek environment group on Saturday, huge tufts of the frothy substance can be seen flooding the Melbourne waterway. More

Science & Environment A mysterious 4,000-year-old clay urn is 'miraculously' unearthed in a Cornish farmer's field

The set of burnt human remains were discovered near Looe in south east Cornwall and would have been part of a mysterious ritual ceremony. More

Australia First wife of man arrested over Aliso Viejo blast died when she mysteriously fell down the stairs 

Stephen Beal's first wife Christine died after a mysterious accident at their California home in 2008, in which she fell down the stairs as they carried a heavy table and he lost his grip. More

Science & Environment An ancient 'Made in China' label has revealed the secrets of a mysterious shipwreck

Archaeologists at the Field Museum in Chicago studied treasure found in a shipwreck in the Java Sea. Little is known about the ancient wreck and the scientists believe it could be 800 years old. More

US & Canada Student, 23, who suffered a mysterious brain injury and had to to relearn everything

Clark Jacobs, nicknamed 'Superman,' narrowly survived a traumatic brain injury when he fell from his lofted bed at Georgia Tech in 2015. Now, the 23-year-old has relearned everything in two years. More

Science & Environment Scientists believe alien life may exist in other universes after discovering a mysterious 'force'

Alien life could exist in other universes, according to a group of scientists studying a mysterious force known as dark energy. More

Australia Doomsday cult family-of-four who mysteriously vanished and let note could be alive, coroner finds

Gary Felton, 45, who went by the alias Simon Kadwell, his 27-year-old girlfriend Chantelle McDougall, their daughter Leela, 5, and friend Tony Popic left their Nannup, WA, property in July 2007. More

Technology Mysterious pig virus could be LETHAL if it's transferred to humans, scientists warn

Lab tests show that porcine deltacoronavirus, first detected in China in 2012, readily jumps between the cells of different species including humans More

Science & Environment Mysterious 20-foot sea creature covered in shaggy hair washes up on Philippines beach

For the second time this year, a giant hairy sea creature has washed up on a beach in the Phillipines, causing locals to flock to the beach to snap pictures of the mysterious "blob" that many have... More