Top Stories Dozens of migrants rescued in Brazil after 35 days at sea

Dozens of African migrants found drifting aboard a vessel in the northern coast of Brazil have been rescued, according to local media reports. More

UK Drunk stag do reveller rescued by lifeguard after getting into trouble in KNEE-DEEP swimming pool before being put in recovery position

Showing little sign of wanting to be saved, the lifeguard grabs Chirstopher Dunlop by the neck and forces him on to his back before hauling him out during the 14-lad jaunt in Marbella,... More

US & Canada Noah's Ark of animals rescued after owners fled Hawaii's eruption

Dogs and cats, geese and ducks, cows and goats, horses, cattle and exotic birds have been reunited with their owners at evacuation shelters on Hawaii after their owners fled the eruption. More

US & Canada US soldier returns home to reunite with the pup she rescued in Iraq

Sgt Tracy McKithern rescued a stray dog she named Erby during a one-year deployment in Iraq. After a 16-month journey around the world, the pair finally reunited in heartwarming video. More

US & Canada Dramatic moment woman is rescued after she is spotted floating in the Mediterranean

Dramatic video captured from a ferry by Briton Alan Wood shows the unnamed woman floating in one of the busiest shipping lanes in Europe off the Greek capital Athens. More

US & Canada Missing dogs stranded near Hawaii lava flow are rescued after 10 harrowing days

Two dogs who were missing for 10 days in the chaos of volcano evacuations in Hawaii were pulled to safety on Sunday morning —after the animals were "surrounded by lava," rescuers said. More

US & Canada Two window washers rescued after platform crashes into Tribeca tower sending glass smashing below

Two window washers, ages 36 and 44, were rescued after a scaffold platform they were working on crashed into a New York City high-rise on Friday, sending shards of glass down below. More

World Newborn baby girl rescued from under piles of rubbish after being left to die at roadside dump

A passing bystander found the tiny tot after she heard crying coming from the dump where the newborn had been abandoned with her umbilical cord still attached More

Sports Liverpool fans rescued by Kiev locals after Champions League hotel price hike

Ukrainians have come to the rescue of Liverpool fans struggling to find accommodation for the Champions League final in Kiev after hotels started charging thousands of pounds a night. More

US & Canada Texas woman rescued from SUV sinking in snake, gator-infested lake 

An officer's body cam filmed the high-energy rescue that took place on Saturday in a lake in Sugar Land, Texas. The lake is known for being inhabited by alligators and snakes. More

US & Canada Gibbon is rescued from cage piled high with 10 YEARS of rubbish

Thong the gibbon was trapped inside for a whole decade and only fed water and snacks from plastic containers thrown inside the cage in Thailand, which piled up to horrific levels. More

Africa Nigerian army rescued people in the northeastern region

The Nigerian army said Monday it had rescued more than 1,000 Boko Haram captives in Borno state, northeastern Nigeria. More

UK Bride-to-be and Magaluf hen party of 10 rescued from stuck lift in hilarious video

The group of women were helped out by a rescue crew - only after the surprised men stopped "crying with laughter" More

Health Florida teen with autism spotted 'dodging' rush-hour traffic rescued by 'hero' strangers

Amanda Miller had just started making dinner when she noticed her 17-year-old son, CJ, was missing. More

US & Canada Stray dog on the verge of death after being trapped in TAR is rescued and cleaned in Taiwan

A stray dog has been saved after getting itself stuck in tar in Taiwan. The male black dog was rescued, cleaned and given a second chance at life by a group of animal lovers. More

US & Canada Tiger cub rescued at US border after being abandoned in duffel bag  

The cub was found by border agents after three people tried to enter the US illegally on Monday. One of them carried a small black duffel bag, which they did not take back with them to Mexico. More

Australia Second set of rare twin joeys rescued from a roadside after their mum was hit by a car in Australia

Twin joeys have been rescued after their mother was hit by a car in Kangaroo Ground, north east of Melbourne. 'Marion and Renee' were rescued by Wildlife Rescuers on Monday night. More

US & Canada Missing dog 'miraculously' rescued from Kentucky river in dramatic video

A dog that was missing for several days happened to howl at the right time last Wednesday as a man was getting into his truck nearby, triggering a dramatic rescue caught on video. More

Australia Polish man sues police who rescued him from Virginia pool for $100K

Mateusz Fijalkowski, 23, was in the grip of a bipolar episode when tried to drown himself in a Virginia pool. He was given CPR by police and survived but is now suing them for $100,000. More