Australia Aussie CEO of driverless tech company Zoox aims to beat Tesla in the automobile global race

Melbourne's CEO of driverless car startup Zoox, Tim kentley-Klay, has been making waves in the tech industry, as Australia is predicted to introduce driverless cars on our roads by 2021 More

Lifestyle Data says Tesla driver had hands off wheel before Utah crash

Driver was using phone at the time. More

US & Canada Utah Tesla driver had her hands off wheel 80 seconds before crash

Data released Wednesday shows a Utah Tesla driver initiated semi-autonomous driving and took her hands off the wheel 80 seconds before a crash. More

US & Canada Gold $4,800 iPhone X 'Tesla' inspired by Elon Musk has own solar panel

The gold plated handset (pictured), inspired by Musk, Steve Jobs and Nikola Tesla, was created by Caviar, based in Moscow, with the first now on its way to the billionaire entrepreneur. More

US & Canada Tesla didn't add eye tracking to its cars because it was 'ineffective'

Tesla reportedly considered adding eye-tracking technology to its self-driving cars. But top execs, including Elon Musk, decided against it because it was too expensive and ineffective. More

US & Canada Tesla driver dies when car smashes into a motorway central reservation

The 48-year-German driver died when his car hit the barrier in the central reservation of a motorway in the southern Swiss canton of Ticino, turned over and burst into flames. More

US & Canada Tesla Model X pulls a Qantas Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

Tesla just smashed the Guinness World Record for towing. The minute-long video shows a Model X P100D dragging the 287,000lb aircraft about 1,000 feet down the taxiway. More

World Man dies when his Tesla electric car hits barrier and explodes into flames in Swiss motorway tragedy

WARNING: UPSETTING IMAGE Firefighters have suggested the impact of the horror crash in the southern canton of Ticino may have set off a fire in the vehicle's battery More

US & Canada Tesla reorganizing to speed up production

Tesla chief Elon Musk told employees Monday the electric carmaker is being reorganized to speed up production of Model 3 vehicles - a key to profitability at the fast-growing firm. More

US & Canada Tesla that hit a stopped fire engine at 60mph WAS on Autopilot

The 28-year-old female driver of the car told police in suburban Salt Lake City that the system was switched on and that she had been looking at her phone before the Friday evening crash. More

Lifestyle Tesla that crashed into truck was on autopilot, driver says

The driver of a Tesla that crashed into a truck at 60 mph on Friday told police she had the vehicle's autopilot feature turned on. More

Lifestyle Tesla, possibly on autopilot, slams into truck in dramatic Utah wreck

Police in Utah are investigating whether a fast-moving Tesla car that rear-ended a fire truck on Friday was in autopilot mode. More

US & Canada Tesla with Autopilot slams into truck stopped at red light

A Tesla sedan with a semi-autonomous Autopilot feature has rear-ended a fire department truck at 60mph apparently without braking in South Jordan, a suburb of Salt Lake City. More

US & Canada Tesla's head of engineering takes a leave of absence amid concerns over faulty cars exploding

The electric car company's Senior Vice President of Engineering Doug Field is taking a break from his job but is not leaving the company, according to a Tesla spokesman on Friday. More

Lifestyle Mysterious Tesla teased in new video

Tesla can be such a tease. More

US & Canada Tesla electric car battery reignited in a warehouse after crash

The Model X's high-voltage lithium-ion battery was removed from the smouldering in Mountain View, California, on March 23 but continued to overheat for days afterwards. More

Lifestyle Fatal Florida Tesla crash being looked at by NHTSA

Two teens killed in fiery wreck. More

Lifestyle Fatal Florida Tesla crash being investigated by NHTSA

The National Transportation Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has opened an investigation into the fiery crash of a Tesla Model S in Ft. More