World Terrifying tornado leaves chaos in its wake as homes and vehicles are destroyed

Dramatic footage shows the storm ripping through a neighbourhood in Germany More

Australia Incredible videos show powerful TORNADO tearing through Germany

A 23-year-old driver was seriously hurt by a falling tree branch while a firefighter was electrocuted and 50 homes were damaged after a tornado struck western Germany on Wednesday evening. More

Science & Environment 'Tornado Alley' and other things to know during tornado season

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Travel Tornado warning at DC area's Dulles Airport forces passengers underground

Extreme weather at Virginia’s Washington Dulles International Airport has forced passengers to take shelter underground. More

US & Canada Wild weather to rage US with gale-force winds and risk of tornadoes

Over 160 reports of damaging storms throughout the US were filed yesterday as the severe weather continues, especially in Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska. More

Entertainment & Arts Q. & A.: Tell Us 5 Things About Your Book: A Dangerous Journey Into the Heart of Tornadoes

Brantley Hargrove’s “The Man Who Caught the Storm” recounts the life of Tim Samaras, a tornado chaser who designed probes that revolutionized science before he was killed doing what he loved in 2013. More

US & Canada Father, 45, and son, 7, miraculously survive after a tornado blows a mobile home onto their car

Seven-year-old Ashton Wicker and his stepfather, Ronald E Joyce, 45, are still recovering from horrific injuries sustained after a tornado blew a mobile home on top of their car in North Carolina. More